Ernie Haase’s Interview to and Christos Gazanis with Greek subtitles

Ernie-Haase-with-Christos-Gazanis-on-Godradio.grErnie Haase is a remarkable worship leader and the founder of the group Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.  Together with his group, they belong to a newer generation of the legendary gospel music and continue what the previous generations have established with a new and dynamic style.

In this exclusive interview to and Christos Gazanis, Ernie speaks about gospel music, his love for God and life, and also for George Younce, Jessy Dixon and Bill Gaither, people that helped him achieve his goal.


Let your light shine

PrintLet your light shine

Give hope to those in a dark place

There are an estimated 27,000,000 victims of slavery around the world right now (K.Bales, 1999). Human trafficking is the second largest illegal crime, right behind drugs (J.Haken, 2011). Most of its victims do not expect to see the light of hope as they experience a darkness that most of us will never know. That is why the labels and artists on this compilation have come together to help bring the light of hope to those that are bound. This mix features some veteran producers (Andy Hunter, AJ Mora) that have been making an impact on this music scene for decades as well as some exciting new talent (Audicid, Taylor Franklyn). The diversity of people involved on this project is immense. There are people from different countries, different political backgrounds, and denominations – yet we are all united for the sake of this cause. There are many negative connotations surrounding the Electronic Dance Music scene, even sex trafficking. But we are committed to stand together in unity to make a difference in this world using the music we love. The funds raised from the purchase of this compilation mix will go to Abolition International. Abolition International is an international leader in the fight to eradicate sex trafficking through aftercare accreditation, advocacy and education initiatives and their dedication to opening and expanding restoration homes for those already victimized by sex trafficking. Will you join us in this fight for freedom against the darkness that is overtaking so many?

Special thanks to:
Heavensound Music, Abolition International, All Access, Deeplife Records, Gruvtech Recordings, MK837, New Heart Records, Royalty Recordings, Xplore Records, Brian Flinn (mastering), and Jared Smith (art)

This mix is set up as pay what you can afford. All donations for the next two months will go to Abolition International.  January is national human trafficking awareness month.

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– Josiah Freebourne

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Lenny LeBlanc’s Interview to and Christos Gazanis with Greek subtitles

lenny-le-blanc-interviewLenny LeBlanc, one of the top writers, composers and worship leaders of our time shares his testimony on how he met Jesus Christ and left behind fame and money as he was on the top 40 charts of the most successful secular artists in the 70’s, to follow God and write songs for Him.


He talks to Christos Gazanis of about his personal life, his very good friend Don Moen, and gives practical advice to new artists.


An exclusive interview for all the friends and listeners of


Don Moen’s Interview to and Christos Gazanis with Greek subtitles


Don Moen’s name is connected with great songs and everyone knows him as a wonderful Worship Leader but he is much more than that. He is the former president of Integrity music, he was 20 years with Integrity and produced many great productions. He has worked with artists like Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Paul Baloche, Tom Brooks, Abraham Laboriel, Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Wilbur and many more. He has nine nominations for his songs and a Dove Award. He has been in many countries all over the world and was even invited by Pope John Paul to sing at the Vatican.

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